Why People Buy

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

Before we dive in to the next writing framework I want to cover some ideas as to why people buy.

Taking these ideas into the content I create for clients has worked, and it’s worked well which is why i’m sharing it with you.

When we think about the reason people buy, we’re usually told to sell people what they need but somehow, as super intelligent creatures we as humans are really bad at having the foresight to buy things that we actually need.

Knowing this, we’re then taught to sell to people’s wants.

The feeling of Want is so much stronger than the feeling of Need.

“I want that TV, I want that Dress, I want that new shiny object.”

As humans, we’ll usually buy things based on “Want” and then justify that purchase later with a logical reason as to why we “Needed” it.

So now we know to sell to people’s wants. However, I want to do a little “Inception” on the feelings of want.