Upselling Techniques

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

A lot of companies tend to focus on generating more customers and neglect their current customers.

If you’ve read any type of book on marketing you’ll have read how much more it would cost you to acquire a new customer vs generating sales from past customers. This is another benefit of automated email marketing.

You can tap into your database of loyal customers that know like and trust you to generate more sales.

In this automation we’re going to be looking at what happens once someone has become a customer.

You’ve successfully moved them from being a subscriber that’s just hanging around to a first time customer.

So what next?

They’ve just bought your awesome thing and they’re excited about their new purchase.

The first email they should be receiving is the confirmation email that their order has gone through or a receipt of some sort.

Have you ever considered trying to sell more on the back of your receipts? Not many people have, and it’s a big missed opportunity.

Think of the open rates on confirmation emails? They probably have the highest open rates of any campaign.

Customers want to know that they’re order is all good and the email receipt is there to confirm that, so let’s take advantage of that behaviour.

In this automation you’re going to be modifying your receipts and shipping confirmation emails with up-sells and cross-sells.