Sales Promotion Ideas

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

Another type of promotion could be to give them a discount once they’ve spent a certain amount.

This guarantees that you’ll have a fixed amount of revenue per sale once their discount kicks in.

If you have too much of one product, you could target people in segment X and make them an offer they can’t refuse.

You’ll much more luck shifting an overstock to a targeted segment of people that you know are interested in that stuff – than you would if you did an email blast to your entire list.

So your welcome email can contain an offer, just for joining your list.

Your nurturing series is a soft sell behind a cloak of education and now your promotions are highly targeted.

However, I see this time and time again!

A business owner sends out a promotional email and waits, twiddling their thumbs.

Not everyone on your list is going to jump the minute your email comes in. We need to build up the promos to make them more desirable.

There’s a particular strategy that only a select few people use and it works wonders and I’m sure you’ll understand why.