Repeat Customers – Reorder Campaign

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

The ways in which you can treat loyal customers is endless, but the main point of this session is for you to put automated tags in place to find these people in the first place.

Another automation for repeat business is to set up replenishment campaigns.

Does your product or service run out at any point?

Does the warranty only cover them for a year or is your product known to slow down or become worn out after a certain amount of months or years?

Do you sell perishable items that take an average of a month to get through?

All of these elements can be taken into account when setting up repeat purchase automations.

If you know that the “shampoo” you sell tends to run out after a month, send a reorder email 28 days after the buy asking if they have enough left.

Do “nice” things like offering a 3 for 2 deal so that their products last a bit longer and they save a bit of money.

You’re hitting their inbox when they need to reorder, giving them a reason to buy, you’re also adding value by offering more for less.

Get creative with how you can add value to your best customers and work on building hands free loyalty.