Repeat Customer Email Ideas

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

Ok so for starters we’re going to look at the 80/20 principle that a lot of the “Gurus” talk about.

If you look at your segments and sales, you’ll start seeing that roughly 20% of your subscribers make up 80% of your sales.

Now those numbers aren’t going to be precise but it’s a concept that seems to ring true in way too many situations for it to be coincidence.

I have a client that prints pictures and has over 5000 images for sale and yet 20% of their images make up 80% of their sales.

Over and over again, the most popular images are outselling the others.

So, 20% of 6000 images is larger than 20% of 1000 images, so knowing full well that we can expect 20% of everything to outperform the rest we just keep adding more images to their database to make that 20% larger.

Looking at your email list, can you find the 20% of customers that are spending more and spending more often.

These are your power buyers.