Re Engagement Emails

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

A reengagement campaign consists of bribes or take aways that will tempt these Zombies into action.

And that’s what we’re going to cover in this automation.

So for this reengagement automation, you’ll need to create 3 new segments in your lists.

Segment 1 will be a place to put people that haven’t opened your emails in 2 months.
 Segment 2 will be for people that haven’t clicked your emails in over 2 months.
 Segment 3 is for people that haven’t bought anything in over 2 months.

You’re then going to create campaigns that are sent to anyone that falls into these segments.

The first strategy would be to send questionnaires to these people. Survey them to find out what’s up or how you can serve them better.

There’s probably a reason that they stopped engaging with your content and this is a last ditch effort to find out why.

If you can fix the problems that come up, you’ll have less Zombies on your list.

In exchange for completing the questionnaire, offer them some kind of reward.

Try offering out higher value coupons, any amount of money is better than no money from these people.