Re-Engagement Email Ideas

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

The next strategy is to use false emotion and guilt in a playful way to get their attention.

A classic subject line i’ve seen a few times is – “Do you hate us” or “We’ve missed you”.

Explain in the content of the email that you’re hurt or upset that they’re not visiting the site and then offer your reward for engagement.

Another example would be to give them a take away sell.

Try mentioning in your email that you’ll be deleting them in a weeks time.

Apologise for sending them emails that weren’t to their liking and if they want to keep receiving your emails, simply click this link instead.

Obviously this link will be an auto segmentation link to mark them as reengaged and not to be deleted.

Then you have the “You’ve been unsubscribed” email. This one is sent out before they’re literally unsubscribed.

Explain why you’re deleting them and include a button for them to resubscribe if they want to.