Promotion Emails

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

I think it’s time we made a hard push for some sales using automation.

In this section we’re going to get your subscriber to take another step closer to making a purchase.

So right now we have a welcome series of 5 or so emails, a handful of education or nurture emails to build rapport and deliver value. By now your subscriber is fully up to date with who you are and knows that you’re a provider of value.

Now we want them to buy.

Promotional emails are pretty straight forward and something that you’re probably already doing, but maybe not on autopilot.

I’m going to assume that you typically create a promo email each month and blast it out to your entire list?

If I’m right, it’s ok. If I’m wrong, you’re already ahead of the pack, so well done.

Earlier we spoke about segmentation. Hopefully you’ve done this and also organised your tagging.

If your email marketing system is sophisticated enough, you should definitely have site tracking enabled.

If you don’t, you’re missing a lot of potential data and revenue.

During the nurturing automations, we’re teasing subscribers on to your site, the links they click and specific emails they show an interest in will give us the first bits of data we want.

The site tracking will give us the rest.

We’ll be able to see what pages they’ve visited, categories they’re interested in or even down to the specific products they repeatedly look at.

All of this combined allows you to create promotional emails that are hyper relevant to your subscribers.