Making Subscribers Take Action

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

One topic that came up over and over while i was speaking to some of you was how to get subscribers to take action based on the campaigns that are being sent out.

Many famous copywriters know the principles that I’m going to share with you like the back of their hand.

I, however need to have them written down to remind myself each time I’m writing a piece of copy.

I suggest you do the same with the frameworks in this programme.

Now these next principles came from Robert Cialdini and they’re the 6 principles of persuasion.

There’s actually a whole book on these concepts.

Think over each one and try to imagine how you can use each of these in your email campaigns.

Don’t forget that everything we cover in this programme is designed to be automated, so suffer with the hard brain-ache once and once only.

Split test here and there when you’re seeing results and relax.

Firstly we have.

Reciprocity. Doing something for someone to make them feel like they owe you.

We naturally want to return favours to people and treat others with the same kindness they’ve shown us.

What can you do for your subscribers that they’ll appreciate and remember?

If you’ve followed the automations that I’ve given you, you’ll already have this in motion with the nurture campaign.

The value that you’re providing in your nurturing automations will be considered a “giving action”.

Helping people use your type of products better or helping them become savvy buyers of your products.