Making Subscribers Buy – Scarcity & Liking

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

Liking. If you like and trust someone, they can persuade you.

This works well if your nurturing campaigns and newsletters show  a kind of friendly or fun company culture.

If people begin to like you or like what your company is about.

They’ll be more likely to do things for you, perform small commitments and help promote your brand.

The likeness factor is also what contributes to the loyalty we’re seeking to achieve on autopilot with these campaigns.

Scarcity. If something you want is in short supply…You’ll want it more.

This tactic is used over and over again, because, when executed correctly – it works. Once you’ve built up that want feeling within people.

Telling them that you only have a few more of these items in stock could trigger a “Black Friday Frenzy“.

You can also create a promotion that is only available to the first 50 customers. A sale that ends in 48 hours or until we’re completely out Or,

“We aren’t going to be stocking this item anymore, and once they’re gone they’re gone – so, act quickly”

I don’t suggest that you use fake scarcity. If someone see’s through your lies then it can leave a bad taste in their mouth with your brand.

You’ll lose trust and customers fast if you’re lying to them.