Make Money Sending Emails Without Any Products
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Make Money Sending Emails without any products. In this powerful free training I’m going to walk you through 5 strategies to monetize your email list and make money without having any products to sell.

This is perfect for people seeking to make an income without stocking any products or someone that has a list that isn’t currently being utilized.

So watch the free training below and let’s see if we can make you some money with your email list.

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Free Loss-Leader Email Newsletter with Free Content:

You basically give away newsletter content for free, with the hopes of later selling the subscriber on paid content.

This content is only free for a while. Ultimately the subscriber will pay for the valuable content you have to share in your inner circle.

So start building your list and providing valuable trade secrets and tricks of the trade to lull them into a false sense of security. Give them your best content but not everything. Keep some back for now.

Get them hooked on your content and reel them in like a veteran fisherman.

Your content needs to be valuable enough to make them money, increase their success, their beauty, fitness or intelligence. It needs to better them in some noticeable way.


Use this strategy if your subscribers are searching to solve a large problem. If you’re able to create a lot of content for the future and you have a compelling story or method of achieving results in your niche.

Once this strategy starts working for you, you may want to start paying for leads. You’ll be able to figure out the conversion rate of free to paid subscribers and decide how much per customer you can afford to spend to get a conversion.

Experiment with different conversion offers, low priced vs high priced. A one off payment for a year or a monthly subscription for ongoing content.


Advertiser-Supported Email Newsletter:

This strategy comes from the media world in general like TV and magazines. You’ll find things like Fashion magazines are pretty much 90% ads and 10% content.

These outlets sell space in the publications and so can you. Typically, a newsletter using this strategy provides its own original content mixed in with advertiser’s messages.

These ad supported newsletters, because they are completely free, usually have the highest number of subscribers and the largest distribution compared to other newsletters. That is if you have been building a niche list with a specific interest.

If you produce a good quality, well-distributed email newsletter to a focused targeted audience, you can make very good money by including advertisements.

Advertisers are willing to pay several thousand to publications of targeted subscribers.

The money adds up fast once you have several advertisers at a time.


This strategy works if your content isn’t good enough to be paid for. Also you’ll need to focus on building your list to a large size to make it worth it for the advertiser and you’ll need to make sure that your list is targeted to a specific niche.

You’ll be helping advertisers succeed in selling to your subscribers, bringing repeat ad spots that will provide you with a steady stream of income.

Start sourcing advertisers with products and services that would appeal to your audience.


Affiliate / Revenue Share / CPL

With this strategy you’ll be offering to be paid on performance of your list.

Whether you get paid based on a sale or based on an enquiry or on a CPL basis (CPL means cost per lead)

This can take a while to set up but can be extremely lucrative once the hard work is done. There are a tonne of affiliate networks that you can utilize for your list that sell pretty much anything you can think of.

Property developers for example will pay in the range of $45 per enquiry. That’s not even a sale, but because they know how much commission they can make on the final sale, they’re happy to pay for high quality and interested leads.

This is probably the most attractive strategy for the advertiser are there is minimal risk and no investment. They only pay you based on your performance, but if you have a good relationship with your list, this will be extremely profitable for you.


Use this strategy if you have a large list or a high traffic website. Again you’ll also need a highly targeted list.

If you have expert segmentation and can divide up your list to highly specific interests, you’ll be able to make more money.

Partner up with decent companies that have a good track record. You don’t want bad advertisers to muck up the relationship you have with your list if they don’t produce goods on their end.

And use reliable tracking methods to make sure you’re being paid accurately.


Only CPL Method

Back on the note of CPL offers, you can completely earn a new income from CPL only. I used to work for a company that was the middle man for developers and over 3 million property investors.

The cost per enquiry that developers were willing to pay was fantastic. You essentially act as a broker and match the buyer and seller.

There are real estate brokers, business transaction brokers, auction brokers, recruitment brokers, and more. An interesting benefit of the brokerage business strategy is that once a certain critical mass of traffic is reached, the marketplace becomes even more efficient and valuable for both buyer and seller.

A larger pool of items increases the value of the “network effect”. Much of the email sent from brokerage strategy companies is transactional in nature. So, although the emails sent by these companies don’t always look like a typical marketing-oriented email, they are a critical component of this extremely effective strategy.


Use this model if you business consists of or you can build a network of buyers and sellers. You’ll also need the potential to grow year on year with new subscribers and they don’t mind hearing from your regularly.


Pay-Per-Access Revenue Strategy

In this strategy you’ll receive payment for access to downloadable or digital content. It could be a document, report, video or stock photos for example.

This product could be sold with or without password protection to avoid the sharing of digital content.

Many digital services such as ebooks, music, movies, software are also sold on a pay-per-view strategy.

With the pay-per-access revenue strategy, the most successful businesses make full use of email news and notices to alert subscribers of new releases, reports just published and ready for download, new books for your e-reader, software upgrades available for purchase, and new special reports available now.

Try adding some free content to your emails to generate interest and upsell to pay-per-access content.

The fact that something can be purchased, downloaded and enjoyed immediately can be a dynamic driver of new sales for the “I want it now” crowd. Think of Netflix, Angie’s List or companies like Amazon’s Kindle range.


Use this strategy if your product or service can be delivered digitally and you can control the content with some type of rights management. Your content will need to be of clear value that is worth paying for and the buyer needs to be able to get access immediately.

Price your digital goods strategically, remember there’s no stock and no delivery costs so your margins can be massive. Consider hiring affiliates to help sell your content too using their email lists.

The digital angle allows you to bundle goods together, making the total value they receive even higher.



Over the years, I’ve observed that it’s much better to have a strong business strategy that is executed pretty well than to have a poor business strategy that is executed very well.

The strategies that i’ve outlined in this guide haven’t changed much over the years, but market place disruption will force changes to even the best strategies. So it’s imperative to always be fluid and be open to flexible change with any strategy you choose.

I encourage you to implement one or more of these email marketing business strategies and revenue generating tactics to help you succeed with email in your niche.