Lead Nurturing – Tagging & Tracking

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

Can you also see how these pieces of content lead the conversation to a pitch for your product or service?

If you were selling sunglasses, the post can contain several links to the strongest UV protection lenses that you offer.

Yes, we are technically selling here, but it’s a soft sell. Not a direct pitch. We’re helping your subscriber become a savvy buyer of your stuff.

If they do happen to buy during the nurture process, they would feel that it was totally off their own back and not at the hand of your forced promotion.

If you’re sending routine promotional campaigns each month, intersect these with nurturing emails at least once a week.

Alternatively a good rule of thumb is three pieces of content followed by a pitch.

When you’re sending nurture campaigns, don’t give them the full content in the email. Seeing a wall of text in an email is enough to make anyone ignore it.

Lead in with a bit of a teaser, like a movie trailer for your blog post. Pique their interest and get them to read the full article on your site.

This also helps with tracking that we’ll talk about later on.

Once they’re on your site, you’ll be able to tag people that have read XYZ article, segment them within your list on so on.