Lead Nurturing – Evergreen Content Trick

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

Even with the frameworks that I give you for content creation, there’s only so much that someone can write about a pair of Sunglasses until your inspiration starts to runs dry.

Now in another programme that I’ve created, I talk about having a blog on your website but removing the date of publication.

That tactic ties in perfectly with the nurturing series we’re talking about here and i’ll explain why.

A quick method of creating a Nurturing series can simply be blog posts from your website, delivered to your subscribers as a form of education.

So for example. Let’s say again you sell sunglasses.

Your blog posts can include;

  • 10 Reasons why sunglasses will protect your eyes
  • The history of sunglasses from 200 BC to now
  • How cheap sunglasses destroy your vision
  • How to match sunglasses to any face shape and so on.

All of these blog posts can be used a nurturing content to educate your subscriber. It shows them why your product or service is of value to them.

The reason I say to remove the date on these blog posts is that this is an automated system. It may last for months or years.

It doesn’t matter if the content that you wrote in 2012 is still valid today. Dated content turns people off.

If It’s not fresh or new – internally, it makes people believe it’s irrelevant.

If you content has no dates, people can’t quantify the age of your content and it can be promoted for as long as you like.