Knowing Which Products To Sell Online

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

If I’d never wear yellow sunglasses, I probably wouldn’t click on any of the yellow sunglasses but, if my favourite colour was blue, I’d take a quick look just to see what you had.

I wouldn’t necessarily buy anything, but just by clicking an image, I’ve registered my interest and told you what my preferences are.

You can also use this on old subscribers, past customers and lost leads to reengage them.

Let’s say you’re thinking of offering a new range of products or services but you’re not sure which stock to get in.

Run one of these automations the gather interest and find the most popular item.

Automatically tag those people that have shown interest.

Then go and get those items and sell them to the people that have segmented themselves!

You’re effectively getting people to raise their hands, telling you what they want to buy.