Is Email Marketing Right For You?

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

It’s one of the most cost effective forms of marketing available with the highest return.

There are email systems that allow you to send unlimited campaigns to up to 2500 people for under $10 a month. There really isn’t any other form of marketing that cheap, when you think of postcards, direct postal mail, google ads etc – they’re massively expensive in comparison.

However, Email marketing is not the be all and end all of marketing. You still need to employ many other forms to maintain a thriving business, but for the purposes of this guide, we’re going to maximise the automated nature of email.

Automated email campaigns allow us as business owners, to create a multi touch point marketing campaign that is set up once and runs continuously.

It’s an incredible form of time management in terms marketing and making sales.

Email Automation is the main focus of this guide.

You’re going to have a system that sends out the right message to the right person at the right time. Whether they’re just a subscriber, a new customer or just browsing your site in a particular category.

I’m going to walk you through the campaigns to use so that you can maximise this “set and forget” nature of email automation.

Another reason why it’s so valuable is because you can track everything to the penny. Each campaign can be set up in a specific way that allows you to see the exact results it generates. Throughout this guide I’m not going to be quoting false or inflated stats from these online articles that you’ll find.

These types of stats will give you  a false sense of security and then when your campaigns don’t triple or quadruple revenue, I don’t want you to feel that you’re doing something wrong – You’re not – Every business is different and you’ll all get different results.

What i really want you to think about is how often you personally check your email. How many times a day you, your friends or family check their phones, looking at work emails, promotions and notifications?

Now multiply that effect by however many people there are in the developed western world and you’ll get an idea of how direct we can be with our potential customers, right there in their hands – Day in – Day out.

Email gives us the opportunity to be personal, relevant and dynamic in our outreach to our customers. This programme is designed to keep you infront of your customer, for longer while providing value at the same time.

Now, don’t forget – If you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind!