Increase Online Sales With Segmentation

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

The software that I use, and recommend, allows me to track customers around an entire website.

I can see which pages they’ve been visiting and their general interest in products.

Each time this happens, the customer is moved to the correct segment of the list based on assumed interest.

This is extremely powerful as even without the subscriber explicitly telling us, we’re able to understand what their interest is and what types of marketing they should be receiving.

Imagine being able to create a sale just for people interested in product X, and sending that campaign to only those people.

Then next week you have another sale on product Y, again only sending that campaign to people interested in Product Y.

There’s no cross over, category X would never see the campaign for category Y and vice versa.

The power and flexibility that segmentation brings to your list is second to none.

Being able to sell directly so someone’s interest is what makes the automated campaigns so effective.