HTML vs Plain Text – Opens & Clicks Winner

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

Email readers like Gmail have started moving HTML emails into separate folders for promotions or updates.

Essentially hiding your HTML email from the main inbox.

This tends to happen with image heavy templates that have excessive amounts of HTML coding.

It goes without saying the plain text emails see better open rates, mainly because they’re just being seen more often.

So what about click through rates for text vs HTML?

A few years back I was designing emails for multi million dollar properties in exotic locations. Hours were spent over the fine details of the images, HTML and call to action.

Turns out, plain text emails are beating beautiful HTML for click throughs too.

This brings us back to that one to one feeling, that’s at the core of all marketing.

These plain text emails feel less like a mass email blast and more like a real one to one communication.