A Complete Done For You Service
Complete Sales Automation – Hands Free

All of the Automations that you’ve discovered in Email Loyalty, plugged straight into your business, generating sales on Autopilot.

I’m going to admit, watching the course is the easy part. Learning what you need to do was just as easy. Getting these automations set up for your business can take anywhere between 5-15 hours each and is not a walk in the park!

We spoke with 100’s of our e-commerce students and many of them agreed on the same thing. They want to be able to easily segment their existing customers on the basis of things like:

  • Customer lifetime value,
  • Specific products they’ve purchased
  • The recency of their purchases
  • and so much more

… so that you can send the most targeted, effective communication possible with the highest conversion on new sales.

All the copy you need will be custom created by one of our in-house copywriters Generously laced with the psychological triggers that we teach in Email Loyalty.

You don’t need to break a sweat wondering how to pull everything together.

Your Complete Solution

My team and I will deploy the entire range of automations, connect the system to your Shopify store, tag and segment your customers and deliver the right Promotions to the right people at the right time.

  • Sending a Welcome Series / Thank you messages
  • Segment your highest revenue generating customers
  • Suggesting products a customer might like love
  • Announcing new products similar to a previous purchase
  • Let your customers know as soon as you have new inventory in stock

The list of e-commerce customer data that we integrate is vast to say the least. Your business will continue to grow and so will our ability to generate more sales for you, day in and day out.


We locate your top revenue generating customers and treat them like royalty to multiply your sales. No more batch and blast campaigns on a hope and a prayer. No more wasting precious time with messy, poorly converting email campaigns.

You’re completely covered by our team of Automation Experts.



If you’re seriously short on time, lacking an implementation team then this is for you. It all begins with a consultation to ensure we’re a good fit.

An interview to find out more about your unique range of products and services so that our copywriters can extract the most appealing content available.

Book a consultation with our crack team of revenue generating and time saving email automation experts to discuss how we can get this system plugged into your unique business.

Plug & Play

Full Set & Forget
$3497/one off payment
  • All 10 Must Have Automations
  • All Persuasive Copy Creation
  • All Technical Store Hook Ups Handled
  • Monthly Split Testing On Winning Emails
  • On Demand Holiday Campaigns
  • On Demand New Product Release Campaigns
  • On Demand 4 Day Sales Campaign
  • Top Revenue Generating Customers Segmented
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