Higher Engagement Using Segmentation

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

The first level of segmentation I suggest is how your subscriber joined your list in the first place. For instance on one of my sites, I currently have 32 landing pages.

Each one of those landing pages has a different downloadable template. So every time someone joins my list, they’re segmented by their template of interest.

Then each segment of interest gets a different type of automation. Don’t forget, a lot of us are quite protective of our emails address, so for whatever reason they joined your list, you have to remain congruent to that particular interest.

I know this sounds quite boring to do but later on you’ll see how this type of organisation will allow you to be highly relevant with your audience.

It will boost your engagement rates and as a bi product, your sales.

Let’s say you’re selling Solar Panels.

Your subscriber may be interested in your low prices, they may have heard that your panels produce the most power compared to the competition or that they’re environmentally friendly.

For each of these reasons, you’d be sending extremely different types of sales material based on those interests which is why it’s important to know their criteria.