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A large and healthy email list is one of the most important assets a business can own.

Internet sales are through the roof as is mobile device shopping and yet plenty of business owners are not seeing these spikes in sales, but there’s a simple fix.

You’ve heard the term “The Money’s In The List” but business owners fail at email marketing due to a lack of;

  • Strategy
  • Knowledge
  • Execution

Your website designer added a newsletter subscribe box on your site, but It’s probably been months since your last email blast.

Every month your list is growing slowly, but not yielding fruit, like a barren farmland.

It’s not going to get better unless you fix the holes in that leaky bucket called email marketing.

It’s understandably a bothersome task, trying to master the software, templates and scheduling. Getting your head around all the technical aspects of email marketing software can waste hours each month with nothing to show for it, but that’s not all.

It has a negative brand impact when someone subscribes to your list expecting some type of congruent marketing in their inbox only to receive a plain, boring “Thank you for subscribing” email and nothing else for months.

When the email list is remembered, a single email, something about a sale, usually falls upon deaf ears.

As the business owner, It’s not your at fault!