Email segmentation Ideas

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

Let’s say you sell sunglasses, we want to find out which types of glasses your new subscriber are interested in.

I want you to create an automation that features your “Newest” or “Most popular” products.

This gets sent out after your welcome series or to anyone that hasn’t yet been tagged or segmented.

Layout the email without any pricing or sales pitch. This is simply a “flyer” type of email campaign.

Imagine a grid of images with each box having a picture to click to “read more”.

One box will feature blue sunglasses, clicking through to your blue glasses category.

Another box will be yellow or red and they’ll click through to their own individual category pages.

Whatever image they click on, your email marketing system segment them appropriately.

Once they’ve been segmented, the promotional automations can start being sent.