Email Personalization

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

Before we get into the 10 automated campaigns that you need to have set up, I want cover personalisation.

See, as humans, we all believe that somehow we’re special.

In some unique way we’re all different. I think it was Margaret Mead that said “Always remember that you’re absolutely unique…Just like everyone else.”

When you send out “email blasts” like I mentioned earlier, they’re going to be quite much less effective than a personalised campaign.

Again, not quoting numbers, but Experian Marketing services did a study and concluded that personalised subject lines alone, are massively crucial to a successful campaign.

These personalisation factors contributed to massive performance compared to non personalised campaigns.

In terms of personalisation, there’s more than one way to tackle this. Most people just go for the subscriber’s first name and that’s it!
This, obviously is a no brainer and should be used as standard.

Like placing their name in the subject line or at the top of the email.
That method is a sure way to capture their attention even for a second, to get them to engage further.