Email Personalization Strategies For You

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

Let’s Step away from the customer for a second and let’s think about how you can personalise yourself.

What name are you sending emails from? Is it a generic business name or a real name from someone in your business?

There have been a few companies who’s lists I’ve joined that were split testing their from names.

They were trying male names, female names, strange names, short names.

I noticed what they were doing because I never recognised the names that were showing up in my inbox.

Once they decided on the most responsive name, they stopped changing it.

So now when I see their chosen name in my inbox, I know which company it’s from.

This chosen name obviously had the highest or engagement rates, hence why they chose to stick with it. It if was just a business name It probably wouldn’t attract my attention so much.

Look at all the data that your subscribers give you and start to plan out how you can personalise your campaigns as much as possible.

Aim for the personal one to one feel as much as possible to increase your opens and engagements.