Email Marketing Best Practices – Copy and Paste Templates

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

Think of the gurus that you’re seeking advice from on what to say for your emails.

Some of them are giving away copy and paste templates that they’ve used in their campaigns.

Why is this a problem? There’s a good chance that if you’re selling via a popular commerce solution, at one point or another you’ve joined a Facebook group around that system.

Think about all the Facebook groups you belong to. One Shopify group i’m in alone, has 12,000 members. I’m also a member of 20 more groups just like them. That’s a lot of people.

What are the odds that all of those people are trying to figure out what to write in their campaigns? The group admin or “guru” shares his famous templates for you to copy and paste – Wonderful!

That’s a hell of a lot of online store owners using the exact same text for their campaigns. What are the odds of someone joining your list and seeing that same content that three other stores are using?

Who’s really going to benefit from this? Is that customer going to buy from any one of those sellers? I personally would feel suspicious. It seems deceitful or false?

Something doesn’t feel right. You don’t want people to feel like it’s some sort of trick that other sellers are using.

“Am i going to get scammed from these online stores?”

That’s why the frameworks I give you allow you to create your own content.

They guide you to come up with emotional and engaging copy that speaks directly to your customer in your own voice.