Email Marketing Best Practices – Best Time To Send Email

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

This has always been a weird topic for people in email marketing.

It’s a subjective practice and no-one can tell you that it’s 100% perfect.

You can also make changes to my suggestion based on your own data which I strongly suggest.

Checking your highest performing times within your own list will tell you he best times for your list but, As a boiler plate method I suggest that you maintain a regular time frame, each and every time.

This trains people to expect and open your emails.

When they see an email come in at 8:30 every day or once a week, people know it could be from me – Consistency creates trust.

So what are the best times?

In my personal experience with my own businesses and client’s companies, between 8am and 9am then from 3pm to 4pm.

These are the two time frames that I find our campaigns get the best engagement.

The earlier slot, people are going to work, they’re looking for distractions on their commute.

By 3pm people have mentally checked out of work or they’re wrapping up their day.

Sunday to Thursday are pretty much great days to mail people.

Friday after 12pm people are looking forward to the weekend and Saturday is just the worst, again it depends on your niche.

If you’re a party planning business, you may want to email your list on a Friday afternoon with events for that night or that weekend, again it’s subjective.

A lot of email marketing systems have optimised features that track your users open times and sends based on their behaviour.

Not everyone has this so don’t feel down if you don’t, just check your own data and reports.