Email Marketing Best Practices – Subject Lines

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

You see long ones and you see short ones.

Subject lines with icons and some without.

Subject lines are the main factor for someone considering to open your email.

You have a few seconds to catch their attention and get them to open. It’s the hardest part of email.

So What’s ideal? You want to use 50 characters or less. 6 to 10 words max.

You’ll also need to take in to account the mobile subject lines and how they become shorter on screen.

Your email marketing system should be able to show you what your most popular devices are in terms of opens.

I suggest you grab one of those devices from a friend and see how long your subject line can be before it’s cut off.

This will help you keep the most important parts in view. Avoid tonnes of punctuation, repetition of words and trigger words.

Do not use all caps in any situation.