Email Marketing Best Practices – HTML Templates

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

We covered this in an earlier session but if you insist on using them here are some ideas.

They’re great for branding and showing off images of products as long as you stay out of the promo tab or promo folder.

A lot of email readers are seeing HTML templates and moving them straight to a promo folder – Effectively keeping them out of sight.

Things that trigger this are using the same template over and over again – The same HTML or using the same images.

Also, Google’s reverse image is also marking and tagging images.

If Google sees it’s being used heavily.

They must assume that it’s being used in promotional content and mark it as such.

Using those same images in your campaigns could be the reason it’s hitting the spam folder.

Try to use images made in house so there’s no history of them on the web.