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There’s Loads Of Revenue &
Plenty Of Profit In Your Business
– Hidden In Plain Sight –
As An Email List.

A large and healthy email list is one of the most important assets a business can own.

Internet sales are through the roof as is mobile device shopping and yet plenty of business owners are not seeing these spikes in sales, but there’s a simple fix.

You’ve heard the term “The Money’s In The List” but business owners fail at email marketing due to a lack of;

  • Strategy
  • Knowledge
  • Execution

Your website designer added a newsletter subscribe box on your site, but It’s probably been months since your last email blast.


Every month your list is growing slowly, but not yielding fruit, like a barren farmland.


It’s not going to get better unless you fix the holes in that leaky bucket called email marketing.

It’s understandably a bothersome task, trying to master the software, templates and scheduling. Getting your head around all the technical aspects of email marketing software can waste hours each month with nothing to show for it, but that’s not all.

It has a negative brand impact when someone subscribes to your list expecting some type of congruent marketing in their inbox only to receive a plain, boring “Thank you for subscribing” email and nothing else for months.

When the email list is remembered, a single email, something about a sale, usually falls upon deaf ears.


As the business owner, It’s not your at fault!


The responsibility to learn fiddly marketing tools that require niched knowledge shouldn’t fall on your shoulders!

You can’t be expected to spend countless hours, days, weeks or months refining the skills that others have sacrificed to gain.

You’re busy running your business and making payroll. You don’t have time to;

  • Add subscribers
  • Set up lists
  • Segment subscribers
  • Send out campaigns
  • Create automated welcome emails
  • Write up newsletters each month
  • Schedule routine sales emails
  • Create multiple autopilot campaigns that sell while you sleep

If you somehow do have time for all of that, you probably shouldn’t be here.

Once all of these things have been handled, customer loyalty shoots through the roof, repeat sales happen without lifting a finger, promo sales seem to have more of an impact than ever before – Profits are seeing a steady increase month on month without any additional work on your behalf.

Without the above in place, you’ll still be posting on Facebook and Twitter, not knowing how much revenue it’s generating (if any), sending out the bi monthly newsletter to fall on deaf ears, revenue remains as it always has with the continued hard slog.


That’s where Torra Media comes in


We started our email marketing journey selling multi million dollar homes in exotic locations to subscriber lists of over 3 million.

With numbers like those, you learn a thing or two about what makes a profitable email campaign.

As part of your marketing mix there’s a number of ways that we can spot missed opportunities and plug those leaky holes.

Recovering missed revenue, getting sales from old “long gone” subscribers and turning your sales emails into full blow “Black Friday” frenzies.

Becoming a client of ours enables you to benefit from an email marketing solution that you own entirely.


You get a whole new digital sales team that never takes a day off, has a moment of rest or is ever sick.


A completely managed and maintained email list of subscribers that we help you build and not only that;

  • Monthly newsletters that engage and inspire.
  • Automations that sell for you while you sleep.
  • Sales promos that create a buying frenzy.
  • Repeat sales from customers time and time again.
  • Customer loyalty that keeps them with you for years to come.
  • Send campaigns based on pages your subscriber has visited.
  • All without you lifting a finger.

Everything we do is done with the primary goal of increasing sales.


But Why Email Marketing!?


Email marketing accounts for more than 7% of all user acquisitions. This makes it the 2nd most effective acquisition channel (behind search at 15.8%).

Plus, the average return on email marketing investment is $44.25 for every dollar spent (more than double social media ROI).

In other words…

Without Email Marketing For Your business…


…You’re leaving 10% to 25% of your total revenue on the table every single month.


If you don’t implement an email marketing program ASAP, there’s a good chance that you’ll be left in the dust by your more sophisticated, forward-thinking competitors.


That’s where we come in….again


Your new digital sales team will keep the new revenue coming in while you focus running and growing the business.

An email marketing solution alone does not set you up for success like this completely done for you service. This is not just a piece of software but a full marketing strategy, with content and execution.

Planned for you -> Built for you & Executed for you!


How does it all work?


We have an initial consultation to discuss your businesses suitability with our system.

Our expert copywriters interview you to fully understand your perfect customer as deeply as you do.

The email engineers then get to work setting up or transferring your subscriber lists into a robust and intricate system. Working with the copywriters to build and schedule your emails to go out at specific times and triggered by particular events in perfect sync with your website.

Your subscribers and customers fall in love with your business, the sales begin to increase and your benefit from all the profits without the headache.


Alternatively you can close this window, sales will remain the same, your email list will become stagnant and it all could have been saved with a simple call with us.


This is not for everyone. Our packages start from $1388 per month and subject to an assessment from our team prior to becoming a client.

Want to find out how much we can increase YOUR sales with email marketing? Request a free consultation today and we’ll tell you everything you want to know.


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