Anniversary Emails

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

These are typically called Anniversary emails and they generate a decent return on investment.

They’re pretty typical campaigns to and the majority of larger organisations are using them all the time.

A real world example would be if you’ve ever witnessed a new couple that celebrate their 1 week anniversary and then their 2 week and then their 1 month.

You can turn that concept into a light humoured email automation.

The good thing about these campaigns is that you can make any excuse you can think of to celebrate the coming together of your business and your subscriber.

The idea is just to make your subscriber feel a little bit special and appreciated.

There was a clothing company that once emailed me on my birthday, asking me to take a birthday snap of me in their clothes.

I didn’t because I’m a miserable old bastard but, it’s an amazing way to create ongoing user generated content for social media.

They’re promoting your brand while they’re in a great mood on their birthday.