Anniversary Email Ideas

A Short Clip From The EmailLoyalty Full Course

Like all of these automations, you don’t need to stick to one email in each. The anniversary emails could be a whole series, leading up to the big day.

Whatever you’re celebrating.

For example;

“Did you know we’ve been together 6 months this Tuesday, we’re going to send you something nice to celebrate – keep your eye peeled.”

Again this is training people to open your emails each and every time – Keep your delivery rates high and engagement strong.

Make a list of all the dates you can think of that would be a funny reason to celebrate with your subscribers.

The reason I like these is because you’re not limiting yourself to only segments of your list.

Let’s say your list is 1000 people strong, there’s bound to be a birthday for each day of the year.

That’s 365 automated reasons for your list to buy, outside of normal promotions.